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PROPORTION LONDON SHOWROOM - complete and ready for launch of the Craft Show 

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INTEGRATING COLLECTIONS - Proportion's diverse range of product must be shown in harmony 

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The design of a showroom  (whatever the commodity), is vital to the successful introduction and subsequent purchase of a product range. It is therefore essential that the designer builds the spacial layout around a commentary, enabling the sales team  to lead clients logically though the area and between various ranges whilst telling a meaningful story behind the various product.

When esteemed mannequin producer Proportion London launched three new collections with a fresh showroom presentation, the diverse ranges called for a strongly themed design in order to give visual coherence.

Then Creative Director, Tanya Reynolds, observed a resurgence of interest in traditional artisan skills and thus chose 'Craft' as the unifying theme. This allowed the company to tell the underlying story of the hand-made and often intricate nature of Proportion's work, focusing on British craftsmanship. She also wanted to invigorate a dialogue with visiting creatives about the loss (and value) of artisan skills.

Specifying a strictly earthy colour palette and some newly created, innovative material finishes, Tanya laid the long space out into discreet 'room sets' defined by clever floor markings and a custom-designed floor to ceiling shelf system, to blend the company's all important accessory collections seamlessly into the product mix.

To reinforce the Craft theme, in-house creatives and Proportion affiliated craftspeople were engaged to demonstrate live craft skills at a two day launch event, which was held around the time of London Craft week..

Reynolds felt that it was important to get across to visitors the fantastic manufacturing facility the company operated in East London and hence, a video was commissioned as visual explanation of the skill that goes into the company's product manufacture, day in and day out. These were projected large across the showroom walls as backdrop to the new product ranges.

Clients responded very positively to the event, renewing their appreciation of the value and quality of Proportion's product; something that may not necessarily have been apparent to them before.

images © Proportion London

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