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Sculptor Lindsey Balkwill's Studio - refining the height of a heel so that the mannequin stands correctly 

sculpt hair.jpg

Discussing a sculpted hairstyle midway through the sculpt process



Tanya Reynolds has been designing display product and conceptualising ideas around retail product presentation for over 20 years. With a background in Window Display, she is certainly qualified to understand the end users viewpoint frustrations when they cannot find the fixtures they need to complete a concept.   

"New display product is often based on the need to solve a retail problem" Reynolds explains. "As fashion styling and retail environments change, so must the fixture we display merchandise on evolve". Having set-up an in-house trend analysis service for retail stalwart Selfridges, she honed the skill of forecasting trends for VM and predicting the necessary outcome for the world of mannequins. 


Explaining the process as "intuition meets necessity - with a healthy dose of fashion and finance thrown in", Reynolds has worked with some of the world's foremost commercial sculptors, including Robert Patterson, Lindsey Balkwill and Steven Woods, and with many leading display companies and developed custom display kit for many leading retailers.

Whether the task is a new collection for a mannequin company, the specific want of a particular brand or a vague inkling she has picked up on her never-ending retail scouting expeditions, the process of developing new product concepts can be long and complex with much thinking and experimentation. She reveals that "the most crucial part of a new collection is teasing the initial need or problem out, in order that you are able to focus on creating the perfect solution"..  


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